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 If you're going to play a fun memory game, you might as well memorize something useful.  Gridded comes with thousands of built-in memorizable items:

Mandarin Chinese (Simplified Character Pinyin) - 3015 items
Japanese (Hiragana Romaji) - 69 items
Japanese (Katakana Romaji) - 69 items
Mexican State Capitals - 31 items
Rounded Atomic Weights - 84 items
In addition to this, Gridded includes powerful tools for creating, editing, organizing, and sharing your own memorizable items.  It also contains visual spaced repetition software that displays the "half life" and "strength" of an item as the hue and saturation of its color.  No account creation is required: once you download, you can start right away.
All of this is brought to you completely free, supported only by the purchase of useless but rather entertaining virtual balloons.

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Theodore Mitchell

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