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 The Noble Qur'an Application is sponsored by "The Waqf of Badr Ibn Saleh Ar-Rajhi's Mother", and developed by "Al-Dar Al-Arabia for Information Technology". 

- Authenticated and documented by the Mushaf Revision Committee of Al-Azhar Ash-Sharif, Egypt.
- Revised by a scholarly committee licensed to the Ten Recitations of the Qur'an.
- Distinctive and unique design of the pages of Mushaf.
- Designed and developed in accordance with the latest edition of Mushaf of King Fahd Complex at Medina (1433 A.H.).
- The ability to change the Mushaf font size.
- Customizing and changing the interface of the application into 3 languages (Arabic, English, French).
- The ability to download the recitations of the most seven famous reciters of the Qur'an from iCloud service, if wanted.
- Listening to the recitations in the background while using other applications, or when the device is in standby or log off mode.
- Memorizing the Qur'an with the ability to fully control the verses repetition.
- A command bar for quickly accessing to the multiple services.
- The ability to copy the verse in regular script or in othmani script, with/out diacritic, and to share it on social networks, E-mails, and SMS.
- The ability to share a single page of the Mushaf as an image via social networks, E-mails, and SMS.
- The ability to customize the background of Mushaf in multiple colors, or to use night reading mode of the Mushaf.
- A horizontal display of the Mushaf screen to clearly view the verses in a larger area.
- Notifications to the daily Wird of the Qur'an at certain times set by the user.
- The ability to synchronize the bookmark using iCloud to resume the recitation on other devices.
- The ability to insert notices or comments on verses and synchronize them with iCloud.

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