Gravity Fun - Quick concentration addictive game

Gravity Fun - Quick concentration addictive game


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 Do you enjoy fun games that help you improve your concentration, that need you to have perfect timing, that are addictive to keep playing? Then, Gravity Fun is one game that you cannot miss! With a design that is as funky as it gets, Gravity Fun is one game that will not only keep you occupied for hours on end, but also help you improve your timing, your overall focus and concentration!

Check out some of the features the game offers its players – 

# Fast movement of the ball to stop it from hitting the walls or the enemy 
# A user interface that is easy to navigate
# Chances to beat your own high score and unlock newer levels
# Log in online to see how all your friends are doing in the same game

The premise of the game is very simple – all you have to do is tap the screen to direct the way the ball moves so that you can avoid hitting any walls or any enemies that may pop in your way! This makes it different that all the other gravity games, because instead of falling down to the ground, your aim is to avoid collision with items in your path! 


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