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Hi team,

This is Gary, Digital Marketing Manager from Goxip. I got a chance to come across your website and see you guys are doing a lot of dynamic reviews on some really cool and interesting iOS apps. Therefore I would like to reach out to explore if you would be interested in testing and featuring our iOS app as well.

We are a startup that was found in Hong Kong which we have been featured in both Huffington Post and TechCrunch (article links below). We believe that we have developed an app and a platform that can give customers a seamless shopping experience.



We allow our users to use images to search their favourite piece of clothing out of our 2 million worldwide shipping fashion items. No more seeing a dress or shirt from magazines, instagram or even on Facebook but having no idea where to buy. Our users can simply either take a photo, upload a photo or use one from their instagram of any fashion items to find the exact or a range of similar pieces by using our image recognition technology.

We are a one stop platform for users to discover the latest fashion inspiration to finding and buying that dress they have been looking for in ages. Snap. Shop. Wear. - it only takes 3 little steps to get your favorite fashion piece.

I hope you now have a brief idea of how our app works. We launched our Android version in late April and we just launched our iOS version last Thursday on 16 June 2016. Within a week, we have climbed up to #4 in top free shopping app and #59 in Hong Kong app store. Our iOS version is picking up a lot of speed reaching 1000-1500 daily installs per day of which we hope to make it more viral by cooperating with you guys. By you testing and writing some cool but honest reviews about our iOS app, we believe this would impact a lot on our growth and reputation of the company.

Since you are always looking for new and exciting content to further engage with your readers, we believe our app is something people would find interesting and want to know more about as it is really solving a pain point in the shopping experience.

So please let me know how we can work together. Do you guys usually write everything yourself or you need us to provide a draft first? We got our own editor in the house so if you need us to write a draft first and provide you with any further information, we are happy to do so.

Thanks and look forward to hearing back from you. Would love to have you testing our app and writing a review about it.

Here are the iOS preview link and Google Play Store link of our app. I have also attached a quick video demo of our app below. Please feel free to have a look.




Onward and upward,



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