Gobi - Snaps in groups!

Gobi - Snaps in groups!


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Have you ever wanted to send snaps in groups? Well, we have! That is exactly why we created Gobi.


Gobi allows you to create a group for your closest friends, your family, your football team or even your whole university. The groups can be either public (accessible to everyone), or private (password protected). Everyone within a group can post snaps in that group, and everyone can reply. 


We have successfully launched in Norway and is now the fastest growing social network in Scandinavia. We have already 25 million downloaded images through our app and have several big investors backing us. Amongst them are both the planet’s third youngest billionaire and Petter Northug - Olympic Gold medal winner. 




We have now moved to the Bay Area and is working full-time developing our app to spread it in the US, too.

Here’s a poorly translated article which explains our current situation. 


and our investors:



And here’s a short video of how the app works:



I’d be happy to provide more info, articles or anything needed. I just wanted to keep it very short and simple. 


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