GGX- Great Grandma Escape

GGX- Great Grandma Escape


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Category: Games
App Type : iPhone


A Grandmother who is placed into the hospital, for observational purposes, decides to attempt to escape the hospital in order to make it to her grandchild's birthday party. As the player, you have to take the Granny through the several levels of the hospital, sneak past doctors,nurses, infected patients and security guards to escape the hospital.

Have a Blast with GGX using its Superb Features:
- Help Granny reach to her target 
- Wake up Granny using “mash and match” mini game
- Collect coins, Crutch, Defibrillator, Syringes
- Attack nurses, doctors, and infected patients using weapons
- Purchase weapons in the Shop screen
- Collect 12 gift boxes in game and get unlimited power up with happy ending
- Awesome background music and SFX
- Real life 3D hospital environment
- Acquie pills using vending machines and the Shop screen

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Idris Mortley

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