Futbol Quotes

Futbol Quotes


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 The App all soccer/futbol enthusiasts want. Want to create an atmosphere of powerful comments and inspirational quotes? With this APP, now you can access 100's of the latest futbol quotes at your fingertips to motivate your team. Download this App to your left & for a limited time, includes FREE jokes. 

“One thing will not change - we will be going out to win. ~David Beckham~
Ipad version available. Use it on the sidelines, before or after practice to keep up the humor before it's too late. 

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-Improve your game with inspirational quotes in all types of scenarios. 

Quotes include: 
Mia Ham 
Bill Shankly 
Bobby Charlton 
Phil Woosman 
Jose Mourinho 
Anghony Burgess 
Eric Cantona, 
Thierry Henry 
Berti Vogts 
George Graham 
Vince Lombard 
David Beckham 
Charlie Finley 
Bobby Robson 
Ian McNail 
Terry Butcher 
Ron Atkinson 
Jimmuy Hill 
Babe Ruth 
Thomas Edison 
George Shultz 
Joe Paterno 
Hanry Blaha