Fitness Race - The Step Counter Game

Fitness Race - The Step Counter Game


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 You want to get fit but don't like fitness apps because they're no fun? Try Fitness Race! It's a mix of a game and a step counter app. Motivation is key, so challenge your friends in a fun new way to stay active and race against one another in a virtual world! 
Fitness Race uses the step counter in your phone to transform your daily activity into movements in the game. To win and stay fit, just increase the steps you walk - but watch out for the hidden boobytraps that can slow you down! Use energy points to battle your friends with mighty power items and see how far your daily steps would take you in foreign places.

• Explore exotic locations on your own or run against your friends in thrilling races

• Use your real life steps and run in cartoonish levels of exotic locations such as New York, Hawaii or Berlin

• Get energy points from each step. Use them to activate power items and make it to the finishing line first!

• Have a little fun and excitement after your everyday exercise! You can play Fitness Race after running with your favourite workout or step counter app.

• Play the sports game without any additional fitness tracker! Fitness Race uses the steps provided by the Health App. Just take your iPhone with you and the built in step counter is tracking your activities!

• 10,000 steps per day are considered a good amount to improve your health and fitness!


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