Face Swap - Switch ,Swap Face Changer

Face Swap - Switch ,Swap Face Changer


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Category: Photo & Video
App Type : iPhone


 Swap the face with a single tap and make your images fantastic than before with Face Swap App. Remove your face from pictur for making funny pictures. The app allows you to switch the face of another pic on photo. Exchange the face by replacing another faces and mixing them up. You can even mix your face with face of stranger or celebrities to see how you would like with odd faces.

App integrated with auto detection of faces which really offers user an unforgettable experience while capturing his image with family or friends.

Key features:

·         Automatic face detection using the face time camera

·         Face Adjustment tools for smooth capturing

·         Face Scaling with a single touch of your finger

·         Face Rotation for orientation adjustments

·         Flip faces to make whacky looks

·         Swap faces your face with anyone

·         Save images in HD quality on your device

·         One touch share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

·         Animate yourself instantly on the live cam

·         Light  and portable application for your touch device

Collection of pre-loaded faces on the app to immediately swap in with a little fuzzy characters so that you can also snap anyone's photo and replace your face with theirs. The app works with any iOS device with a front-facing camera and lets you share your horrible creations on Facebook and Twitter.


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