Dream Dodger

Dream Dodger


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 Join Alfred as he fantasizes about freedom! In this mind-powered journey, you will aid the elderly protagonist through a vibrant, somewhat twisted world filled with caretakers, stylish furnishings, invigorating supplies, various characters, humor, plus cool amenities like the Green Witch's pawn shop, a place where you can get free gold and buy GORILLAS to RIDE ON!

Slide under Nastasia the nurse, double-jump over Doc, sidestep furniture, or face reality! In addition, collect as many energy canisters as possible and grab the refreshments to enhance your capabilities. As you make attempt after attempt, your effort will progressively reap awards, including the unlocking of six characters and their awesome skins: old man, roller skater girl, skateboarder boy, superhero girl, zombie, and robot!

Enjoy the beginning of this "Dream-tastic" journey!

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Karolis Mikalauskas

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