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Buckle up and get ready for an explosive Demolition Dodge! The exciting new and addictive game from insurance specialist Adrian Flux. Race your way around the arena, collecting stars and dodging your opponents who try their best to get in your way!

·      Dodge your opponents to survive as long as you can.

·      Collect the stars for an extra time bonus!

·      Complete missions to unlock new cars, from retro classics to high-end performance.

·      Collect bonuses to freeze your opponents, make yourself invisible, or get a nitrous boost!

·      Look out for the handy repair spanner to replenish up to 50% of your health bar.

·      Submit your score to find out your world ranking and to enter our exclusive competition! 

This is your chance to go head to head with family, friends and strangers to compete in the ultimate demolition derby driving game. Dodge the other cars in the ring whilst trying to collect as many bonus items as possible. Remember: try not to crash! The longer you survive, the higher you'll climb on the leaderboard! 

Available on both Apple and Android devices, Demolition Dodge is an action packed game that will have you on the edge of your seat.

So, think you're good at dodging cars, finding prizes and racking up high scores? Whatever your choice of vehicle, whether it be a weighty 4x4 great for smashing up cars or a performance car that has the pace to avoid obstacles, push yourself to the limit with this adrenaline filled racing game.

Visit Adrian Flux's Demolition Dodge page for more information on the game, details on how to win £1,000 and for all terms and conditions.


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