DEDOC Chat: Text Encryptor & Encoded Communication

DEDOC Chat: Text Encryptor & Encoded Communication


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 Using DEDOC Chat, you can communicate instantly free of SMS charges. Messages are coded using various pre-installed encryptions or create your own custom true code and then de-coded by the recipient using the corresponding “Decipher Key”. If the incorrect key is selected, an unique finger swipe password will need to be entered to authenticate the user with backup email warming. For even more security and privacy, TRUE-CODE encryption allows you and your recipients to create your own customized messages/language that are impossible to break. With DEDOC Chat no one will be able to pick up your phone and read your private conversations ever again.

# Code your messages and display encrypted messages with various encryptions only you and your conversation partner can decode.

One-Time Decipher Keys allow you to further control the security and privacy of your messages.

7 free encryptions for all new users at the time of initial download of this application.

Customized coding with TRUE CODE Encryption. You can replace the words in your message with completely different words to form masked messages and create a custom language that is impossible to break. The one-time Decipher Keys within TRUE-CODE messages will decipher the message once, and then the TRUE-CODE message will forever disappear. This gives sender the ultimate control and messaging security. Great for sending log in information, passwords, surprise party invites or any secret, private messages that you do not want anyone else to read after the initial decoding.


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