Crazy 101 Room - Can You Escape from here

Crazy 101 Room - Can You Escape from here


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 Amazing 100 games full of puzzles are waiting for you to escape. If you can escape before it's too late. Will you find your best way to escape?

HFG and ENA happily deliver crazy 100 room escapes covering wide genres. Want to play a variety of escape game genres without having to download each of them separately? 'Crazy 100 room escapes' lets you have the fun with Fantasy escapes, Will scare you with horror escapes, makes you celebrate with Holiday escapes, Makes you nostalgic with old school themed escape designs. Go crazy with a colorful mixture of fun filled shots of puzzles to your brain. Interact with the objects by tapping. Select the found items from the inventory and tap somewhere on the screen to use them appropriately. If you love puzzle games, surely you will not miss such a wonderful challenge. These games let you can't stop, it makes you move the edge of the seat And your brains will be addicted.Your observations, your judgments, your calculations, trying to escape.. 


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