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Category: Utilities
App Type : Universal


 The main objective application is to create iOS widget for your favourite contacts so that you can contact with them in just a click. Swipe down the notification bar. Tap on your favourite contact icon and call him or her anytime you want.

- Add the contacts in the app from your phonebook.
- Go to the contact details and enable all the features(like Call
- Sms,Mail,Facetime,Whatsapp,Facebook Messenger,Instagram,Twitter,Skype) you want and save it.
- Swipe down the notification bar and click on Edit and add "Contact Widget"
- Swipe down the notification bar and tap on your favourite contact.

How we are different from others? - 
- We provide more features than to our competitors like:-

-Facebook Profile
-Facebook Messenger
-Skype Chat
-Skype Audio Call
-Skype Video Call
-Instagran Profile
-FaceTime Audio
-FaceTime Video
-Added Support for iPad

User Info

siddhant jain

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