Calculator Free, Currency and Unit Converter - CalConvert

Calculator Free, Currency and Unit Converter - CalConvert


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 Downloaded by millions of users worldwide! CalConvert is the most useful calculator and unit converter on the App Store! Simple and easy to use, CalConvert is suitable for everyone! 

CalConvert is extremely useful 2 in 1 app - calculator and converter!
Classic design with large and clear buttons makes it perfect for all ages.
Customize your app with variety of colorful skins!

No matter if you need basic operations to calculate or calculation is your way of life (numbers are your passion), using CalConvert you can calculate and convert easy, fast and for FREE! 

# Simple calculator and scientific functions;
# Mathematical functions;
# History Tape: All calculations are saved and can be copied, used and shared; 
# Equation Preview: Your current Equation is displayed below the result;
# 27+ categories and over 600 units to convert;
# 150+ Currencies;
# Variety of colorful skins;
# Support of 24 languages.


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