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 Dear Editor,


CROWDIET is a young and dashing start-up from Tel Aviv that aims to provide a unique platform for connecting people who want to lose weight and professionals in the field.

CROWDIET app is a mix between pictured food journal and a social network.


CROWDIET works as follows. The dieter user is taking photos of his meal. If he is committed to his diet he will do it with everything he eats and drinks. This way he’ll end up with a very easy to use and manage food log.

This image is by default posted to the dieters friends on CROWDIET (called “watchers”). They are notified and immediately in real-time can communicate with useful comments or otherwise funny ones. This constant human care will keep the dieter motivated throughout the his diet journey  and until he succeeds. And it is a lot of fun, too.

The dieter is rewarded in two ways. First, managing easy to use food journal which is the #1 advice dietitians and food coaches give to their patients, the dieter is much more aware to his food and eating habits. Second, posting the image and getting his supportive friends’ comments keep the dieter on track the whole time and load him with tons of motivation. Social enforcement really works well here.

Quickly CROWDIET becomes less about diet and more about communication around and through food, which is essential part in anyone’s life.

CROWDIET is a great tool for anyone who tries to lose weight. However, CROWDIET also appeals to many other audiences such as people who seek to maintain a particular diet as vegetarianism, veganism, Paleo and others; people avoiding certain dietary components such as milk products, different allergens, gluten, etc; parents seeking to enrich their children's nutrition; cooking enthusiasts, restaurant hobbyists and others.


CROWDIET on Google Play:

(iOS version is in the making).


You are welcomed to watch a short clip here: and more than welcomed to contact me here:


Thank you,

Assaf, Founder at CROWDIET.



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