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Cashew is an internet based cross-platform messaging application that works across computer, tablet and mobile devices. Among mobile messaging applications, Cashew may be classified under OTT or over-the-top messaging service, provided directly by Loment as a third party service provider and does not require additional support from a mobile operator.

Computer and Tablet devices that do not have a mobile number and connect to the Internet via personal, corporate or public Wi-Fi networks can also take advantage of Cashew service. A user may wish to install the application with the same User ID can continue using the service seamlessly from multiple devices.

CASHEW Benefits
Cashew OTT text messaging as a platform for secure text messaging for healthcare industry, enterprise customers, mobile banking, financial services, insurance, accounting, legal and other professional services

* Privacy and Security Features
- Provides Privacy to Protect Data at Rest.

*Password protection to allow access to authorized users

* Hibernation
- Security to Protect data in transit for P2P and end to end encryption

* Messages are encrypted directly at the Sender device and are decrypted only in the recipient device(s).

* Server has cipher text and does not have access to clear text messages.

Key Features
* Personal and Private Chat that is Secure and Confidential
* Sharing of Text Files
* Sharing of Pictures from gallery and captured through the device in real-time
* Sharing of Audio files and Voice notes recorded 
* Sharing of video files from gallery and real-time recorded

Proprietary Features:
* Priority Indication
- Messages can be set with one of the four priorities (Highest, High, Medium, and Low) based on the importance and criticality,

* Restricted Messages
- Messages can restricted to stop forwarding or copying to others if the sender does want others to read the message except the recipients.

* Auto Expiration
- Messages can be set to be deleted automatically after a specified time defined by sender, after the recipient reads the message,
- This will be useful in cases where highly confidential messages need to be deleted automatically.

* Acknowledgments
- Sender can set acknowledgement request and the recipient will be allowed to read the message only after acknowledgement is sent,

* Scheduled Delivery
- The sender can set the specific time when the message will be delivered to the recipient.
- Useful in sending messages at the right time for reminder or notifying critical information at the right time

Other Important Features
* Subscription based service
* Activation and Deactivation
* Remote Wipe Out
* OTA download
* User Profile Support
* Private Contacts


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