BlackJack Saloon - Gambling n' Dueling In The Old West

BlackJack Saloon - Gambling n' Dueling In The Old West


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Category: Entertainment
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 BlackJack Saloon is the most authentic and entertaining blackjack app ever released. Using music, photos, illustrations, and sound effects from the Wild West, a player is seated at the corner table to play classic twenty-one in a rowdy saloon. 

BlackJack Saloon's elegant, uncluttered interface makes use of traditional player motions at the Blackjack table: tapping to hit for another card, swiping to pass, and more. This intuitive gameplay immerses the player and allows them to hone their skills with realistic play. 
To further the Wild West look and feel, BlackJack Saloon uses a custom deck of cards featuring historic illustrations and photos from the era including dancing girls, Native American chiefs, pugilists, and classic weapons such as the Winchester rifle. Computer players are characterized using actual photos of inhabitants of the old West.
In a fun twist on an overworked genre, players are permitted to challenge other people to a thrilling, one-shot duel. This novel addition implements a popular reflex-based, twitch aspect to the traditional game.
*****BlackJack Saloon Game Features*****
  -- Authentic Blackjack Player Actions Such As Tapping For Another Card or Swiping To Pass to Provide A True "Table Game" Experience 
  -- Intuitive Gameplay With A Clean Interface 
  -- Daily Bonuses 
  -- Minimal Ads - Never in Gameplay 
  -- Beautiful High Resolution Playing Cards 
  -- Classic Saloon Piano Music And Western Sound Effects 
  -- General Store to Purchase Additional Gambling Chips 
  -- Useful Player Statistics Tracked 
  -- Custom Player Photos
*****APP SUMMARY*****
Name: BlackJack Saloon - Gambling n' Dueling In The Old West 
Devices: iPhone 4s, 5, 6, 6+ (Optimized for each device) 
Price: Free 
Age: 12+ 
Category: Casino / Games 
Size: 70Mb
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