Biker Mice from Mars

Biker Mice from Mars


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 The game is based on the hugely popular TV series from the ‘90s Biker Mice from Mars, which was re-made in 2006.  The show has millions of hardcore fans all over the world.



You play as one of the Biker Mice, riding through the streets of Chicago following trails, completing missions and battling goons and bosses from the TV series.  There are 2 episodes, each with a different story which unfolds as you play through the levels.  Having an engaging story line gives the action a context, which is often missing from ‘runner’ style games which suffer from random unexplained obstacles and nonsensical objectives.


Creator of the original series, Rick Ungar said about the game “I think Biker Mice Fans will enjoy the snappy banter, classic catchphrases and irreverent satire that they would expect from the series, in addition to the non-stop action.”


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