Ahgoo baby monitor - audio and video monitoring

Ahgoo baby monitor - audio and video monitoring


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 Brief Application Description 

Ahgoo connects two mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) using any type of Internet connection, turning them into a baby and parent units. Audio and video modes are available.
Ahgoo baby Monitor is designed for people, who have or look after a baby or toddler. We made Ahgoo simple because young parents have many other problems to think about and other things to spend money on instead of buying a baby monitor, that will be out of use in a year. 
The reason why Ahgoo is special and stands out from its competitors. 
  • sound visualization; even if you got distracted for a moment, you won’t miss a single rustle
  • simplicity; we intentionally created Ahgoo having very few features, so when it is necessary, you can turn it on and use right away.
  • Better signal quality; when devices are connected the signal passes through our server
  • No additional equipment; Ahgoo uses the camera and mic of the mobile device it is installed onto.
  • taking turns in watching over the baby; parents can use several receiver mobiles or tablets connected to one baby device.
  • Mommy’s voice function.

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