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 Affimity is a social network that helps you find and connect with people who share your passions or interests. Like your cable TV, Affimity is composed of many social channels, each a social home to a single interest. Join Food, Parenting, TechBiz, Body, Swifties, Tennis, Soccer, Hollywood etc. We are adding more every week!

Affimity enables you to 

• expand your people network in the areas you care about 
• follow the experts and grow into one 
• stay up-to-date and learn the latest with curated social feeds about your interests
• belong to a community of fellow fans and practitioners

With Affimity, you can

• Meet and Follow or Friend people who share your interest in a particular theme like Food, Movies or Taylor Swift
• Enjoy social feeds with much less noise and of much more interest
• Post your thoughts and pictures or video with everyone sharing your interest, or just your friends who do so. You can just speak your piece, if you wish! No need to type even.
• Pose questions, conduct polls and catch up on curated news about your interest.
• Get recipes, reviews, recommendations and many other services personalized to you and your passions.
• Use hashtags to follow trending items and befriend others like you.
• Find that the more popular your posts, the higher they appear in everyone's feed.


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