99 Names of Allah and Muhammad SAW

99 Names of Allah and Muhammad SAW


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 99 Names is an iOS Islamic App which is designed to familiarize Muslims all around the world with the beautiful names of Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). App consists of two sections, one contains Asma ul Husna which has all the divine and soothing names of Allah and the second section is for Asma un Nabi for the sacred names of Last messenger of Allah.

Features include:
• 99 names of Allah and Muhammad (SAW)
• Every individual name is with its meanings
• On tapping the name further a window will open which will have the significance of reciting that particular name of Allah or Muhammad for any difficulty, disease or tough situation to attain benefits
• Play pause and share option
• Favorite your most liked Name in the App for quick and easy access.
• Daily Notification
•Translation of Tasbeeh in English and Urdu for easy understandings of the Muslim user

Download this beautiful App to attain the tranquility of reciting these beautiful names of Allah and Muhammad (PBUH).


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Ehtesham Haider

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