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 Are you searching for a clever new puzzle game that’s fun, challenging and insanely addictive? Then you’ll love 1to6!

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> Tic-Tac-Toe with a Fresh Modern Twist
> Easy to Learn
> Tough to Master
> You’ll Have Fun for HOURS and HOURS!

***What People Are Saying***

“I like it more than 2048"
“fun / size = max!!"
"Literally the simplest game I ever played, yet the most additive one!"

***Other Cool Features***

> A simple and colorful game board
> The option to pause and resume the game
> Helpful instructions ( just in case you need them! )
> Facebook login and friends invitation
> Everyday gifts
> Multiple themes for your choices
> Score sync thru Game Center betweem iOS devices
> Updating info board

Try 1to6 today! It takes seconds to learn, but a lifetime to master!


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Kunshan SEC Industrial Design LLC

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